What Is PRO Cafe ?
Project Reach Out Cafe / Resource Center
It is a Resource Center for remote communities providing:

1. Technologies to facilitate offering distance accademic programs.
2. a drop-in center for children, youth, adults and elders to enjoy.
3. Facilities for entertainment: such as live concerts and games
4. Linking up with other communities nationally and internationally 
creating opportunities for your community.

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Imagination, Knowledge, Power.
This month's Featured Artist:
Full CD will be available here (along with the tickets for the live concert below) for you to purchase :   To Be Announced.
Live concert :   To Be Announced.
Ennis' performance will be videocasted live, at your local PRO Cafe centers.
Northland Angel
Where's The Love
Another Day (Without You)
Ennis Jacob (with Lennie Spence)
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